Our Teachers

Lyn (Sati Om)
Alyx Sellars

Lyn received her 200-hr training through Frog Lotus Yoga in 2009. Not long after, she enrolled in a weekend immersion with her now guru, Sri Dharma Mittra. It only took spending one weekend with him to know that she had found her teacher. Not long after, she began studying with him to receive her 200 -hr, 500-hr and 800-hr certifications through the Dharma Yoga Center.  Lyn now currently assists as a mentor in some of the Dharma Yoga Center's teacher trainings, and she assisted Sri Dharma at Wanderlust VT 2017.

Dharma is a world-renowned yoga master known as the “teacher’s teacher”. Lyn has been initiated by Sri Dharma into the spiritual family as Sati Om and continues to study and practice with her beloved guru as much as possible. She considers herself blessed to learn and study from a true master, and it is not only with great honor but also her dharma (duty) to share with others what she has learned and continues to learn along her journey.

It is Lyn’s hope and dream to dispel any suffering that she can by sharing everything she has learned with her students. Her classes include all eight limbs of yoga and are rooted in devotion and compassion, staying true to this lineage and the classical form of yoga.

Lyn has devoted her life to yoga. Not only on the mat but in every action. She is also compassionate about her family, spending time in nature, the ethical treatment of animals, living foods, and live music.

Alyx Sellars has a bachelor of the arts degree from The Evergreen State College where she graduated with a double emphasis in creative writing and consciousness studies while simultaneously receiving her 200hr yoga teacher training certificate from the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training Program, designed and taught by Yoga master Sri Dharma Mittra.  Alyx is dedicated to teaching the classical eight limbs of yoga in the hopes to relieve her students from suffering and guide them on the journey towards liberation.  Throughout her studies at Evergreen she focused heavily on integrating yoga into traditional classroom settings as well as integrating yogic techniques into western mental health practices.  Thus, she also hopes to continue pursuing introducing classical yogic techniques into western culture in hopes to provide some form of relief to those experiencing struggle and stress.  

   Alyx is also the founder of Dharma Yoga Vermont's Little Yogi Programs, where she offers a variety of yoga, art and mindfulness techniques to children in fun and exciting ways, providing them a healthy foundation psychically, mentally, and emotionally.

   In Alyx's spare time you can find her enjoying spending time with family, her dogs, getting outdoors, making art, and listening to music.  

Marina Turco
Humor has always been the utmost important role in Marina’s life-so when she finally met Dharma Mittra she had the final affirmation that she wanted to learn from him. ‘How many true gurus are able to make fart jokes but still be able to be genuine and authentic to teach one about Yoga?’ Marina was attending school at Johnson State College where she first experienced Dharma Yoga. With teachings from Alyx Sellars, her first Dharma teacher, Marina had tasted bliss. Wanting more of the Dharma practice, Marina continued classes with Alyx, Lyn, and eventually Dharma himself. 
   Marina later graduated from JSC with a Bachelors of Wellness and Alternative Medicine and an Interdisciplinary of Environmental Science. After college, Marina continued her spiritual journey by taking Life Of A Yogi 200 hour Teacher Training in 2019 with Dharma Mittra himself. 
   Marina spends her time with animals and plants while doing her best maintaining the Yama’s (or ethical restraints) when she serves others-furry or non. 
Join her for class where humor and playfulness humble of the ego create an envonment where all can be receptive to the grace of God.