"I am only here to share my knowledge with others and to help them make rapid progress on the path of yoga." -Dharma Mittra

Dharma Yoga Vermont: A Mother Daughter Story

Since Lyn's daughter, Alyx, was eighteen years old it was a tradition for the two of them to spend their last meal after a visit to New York City, at the lovely, little, all vegan restaurant, Caravan of Dreams. On one particular evening, in the Spring of 2017, the two of them happened to be enjoying one of these fantastic dinners when they received a phone call that would change everything.

This dinner was a particularly special one. The Sellars women were celebrating Alyx's graduation from her first Life of a Yogi Teacher Training and had just received her 200hour yoga teacher certificate. And it was also Mother's Day.

In general, this is a significant personal accomplishment, to become a yoga teacher, but for Alyx and Lyn it was also personally sentimental. Lyn had already been studying under their guru, Sri Dharma Mittra, for eight years at that time and was and continues to be a Senior Dharma Yoga instructor. She began her studies with Sri Dharma while Alyx was still living at home, in high school, and Alyx attributes much of her personal growth to the impact her mother's practices had on her.

The two of them had always had a deep bond, forged since birth, but both of them embarking on the yogic path - with the same guru and teacher nonetheless - only bound their connection tighter. Of course, they each have their own journeys and paths that led them to the Dharma Yoga Center, but their stories also intertwine, and Alyx still credits Lyn as her first guru.

On that evening, as they sipped chai lattes and the two of them daydreamed about their futures and how they not only now had the opportunity to teach collaboratively but they could maybe have a Dharma Yoga Studio together. After all Dharma Mittra's students spread worldwide, with teachers from New York City, to Ohio, to Dallas, to Mexico, London, Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Spain, Washington, D.C., Winnipeg, Istanbul, Puerto Rico, and more. How amazing would it be to have a Dharma Yoga Vermont? After all, it was now possible since Alyx and Lyn were now both Dharma Yoga Teachers.

But of course this was just daydreaming, dinner talk. Well it was until Lyn's phone rang. Her husband, Matt, Alyx's dad was on the line. "Do you and Alyx still want a studio?" He asked her, "Because there's a space available on Main Street in our town that's perfect for a yoga studio and it fits into our budget," and of course the two answered with excited "yes's".

By August of that year Dharma Yoga Vermont opened its doors to students for the first time. Alyx and Lyn started offering a variety of classes, all based in their Dharma Yoga Teachings. They also began offering workshops based in the physical yogic practice as well as in the yogic philosophy and other eight limbs of yoga. Since then Lyn has become a mentor at the Dharma Yoga Center's Life of a Yogi Teacher Trainings, completed her 1000hr Teacher Training Certification, and brought students down from Vermont to meet Sri Dharma. And some of her students even continued on to take the Life of a Yogi Teacher Training in New York at the Dharma Yoga Center with Lyn as their mentor. Alyx has continued studying at the Dharma Yoga Center as well and is in the process of completing her 500hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate. She also started the Little Yogis Program at Dharma Yoga Vermont, teaching children yoga, art, and mindfulness practices.

After two years at Dharma Yoga Vermont's location, teaching classes, workshop, hosting community meals, and Little Yogis Summer Camps, Alyx and Lyn were presented with the opportunity once again to make a change. Starting in October of 2019 Dharma Yoga Vermont moved locations, next door, still located on Main Street in Johnson, Vt. But it is a much larger space, lending itself to the opportunity to meet the students' need more, as well as offer a wider variety of workshops and classes, including vegan cooking classes!

Both of the Sellars women are thrilled and so looking forward to the shifts taking place at their studio. Once again they feel as though far off daydreams and goals are suddenly blossoming into fruition. For some time they considered the idea of offering vegan and yogic cooking classes, as well as larger community meals, though did not have the means. Alyx often fantasized about a space that would better suit her kids classes and workshops. And with welcoming new teacher and massage therapist, Marina Turco, to the Dharma Yoga Vermont team, the new studio leaves even more room for opportunities. Such as New Teacher Marina converting one of the back rooms of the new studio into a beautiful massage space. Marina just completed her 200hr teacher training at the Dharma Yoga Center this spring. and specializes in the Ancient Hawaiian Massage technique Lomi Lomi.

Alyx and Lyn are committed to teaching the classical style of yoga and to devotionally sharing the teachings of their guru Sri Dharma. They are thrilled to continue to offer yoga classes, available to all levels, workshops and events, and now cooking classes on veganism and the yogic diet! They are also so excited to be welcoming Marina to the team and family to share more classes as well as massage, and to see growth in the Little Yogis programs. They would like to extend their gratitude to all of the support they have received along the way. From family and friends, to the staff and everyone in New York at the Dharma Yoga Center and around the world, to their students and community, and to Sri Dharma, they thank you. None of this would be possible without all of you.

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