Be Receptive, All is Within.


Dharma Mitra

"Yoga is the path of purification of character and conduct (the cleansing of one's physical and mental nature, wherein the highest state of reality and truth may shine undiminished in the hearts and minds of all beings." The universal principals of spiritual disciplines can elevate the seeker into eternal god communion.  This is the true goal of yoga." ~ Sri Dharma Mittra

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DYVT Virtual Yoga Class Schedule for the Week of 2/22/21-2/28/21


Our Story

Dharma Yoga Vermont: A Mother Daughter Story

Since Lyn's daughter, Alyx, was eighteen years old it was a tradition for the two of them to spend their last meal after a visit to New York City, at the lovely, little, all vegan restaurant, Caravan of Dreams. On one particular evening, in the Spring of 2017, the two of them happened to be enjoying one of these fantastic dinners when they received a phone call that would change everything. 

This dinner was a particularly special one. The Sellars women were celebrating Alyx's graduation from her first Life of a Yogi Teacher Training and had just received her 200hour yoga teacher certificate.  And it was also Mother's Day.