October 17, 2019

Since Lyn's daughter, Alyx, was eighteen years old it was a tradition for the two of them to spend their last meal after a visit to New York City, at the lovely, little, all vegan restaurant, Caravan of Dreams. On one particular evening, in the Spring of 2017, the two of them happened to be enjoying one of these fantastic dinners when they received a phone call that would change everything. 

This dinner was a particularly special one. The Sellars women were celebrating Alyx's graduation from her first Life of a Yogi Teacher Training and had just received her 200hour yoga teacher certificate.  And it was also Mother's Day. 

In general, this is a significant personal accomplishment, to become a yoga teacher, but for Alyx and Ly...

April 11, 2018

We all experience times of feeling down, as though we are going through a point of stagnation, miscommunications, and apathy.  However, sometimes it’s easy to forget that this can be a collective experience.  Our egos tend to play a nasty game with us, as individuals, implying the notion within ourselves that everything we experience, especially the difficult, is an individual experience.  But just as the gravitational pull of the moon’s rotation has effect on our planet’s oceans and tides, the other planets in our solar system play a roll as well.  But it is not just our planet that is effected by these cosmic shifts that are continually happening in the galaxies, but also us.  For we are inhabitants of this planet, and as much...

February 14, 2018


While Valentines Day is a hallmark holiday, and thus we associate it with candy hearts, greeting cards, and pink everything, it is still an excuse to celebrate love.  While everyday is a day to celebrate love, hallmark has done the job for us of dedicating the entire day of February 14th to celebrating love.  Now, while Valentines Day traditionally is devoted towards celebrating romantic love, there is so much more to love that can be celebrated.

          A yogi or aspiring yogi can truly embrace Valentines Day if they embrace the notion that it is about love in all of its forms.  For when we experience love (especially the deepest purest love) - whether it be for our family, lovers, friend...

February 8, 2018

How does the season of winter impact us? How can one rid themselves of the winter blues? There are yogic tools that can help one get through these chilly months.

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